Upgrading the 1-component vipro-HEAD printheads 

Once technology has proven that it is not only good, but first-class, it can later serve as a model for new developments and upgrades. The best example of this is the 2-component vipro-HEAD printheads established in the industrial sector. The 2-component version was recently the inspiration for the upgrade of the 1-component vipro-HEAD in the 3/3 and 5/5 versions. The engineers adapted the design and drive technology of the 1-component printheads to those of the 2-component variants.

Technically, the upgrade is quite obvious. Old (left) and new 1-component vipro-HEAD

Customers from the automotive, electronics, aerospace, medical technology, and research & development sectors – to name but a few – now also benefit from both a regulated, rather than previously controlled, system in the 1-component vipro-HEAD and from a contemporary, modern design.

In addition, as part of the upgrade, a servo motor replaces the previously installed stepper motor in the 1-component vipro-HEAD printheads. Customers will be pleased with the option of controlling the servo motor either by means of a stepper motor driver output signal or via STEP/DIR. In addition, users have the choice between a normal and a heatable printhead variant.

All in all, the upgrade of the 1-component vipro-HEAD benefits all those who place enormously high demands on the dispensing of, for example, UV adhesives, epoxy resins, acrylates, silicones, but also greases or abrasive pastes: It ensures more flexibility with even more precise results. How much more accurate dispensing is improved with the new head – compared to the old design – depends on the materials dispensed and the machines used.